Central Government Debt
Cyclically adjusted balance
Cyclically adjusted primary balance
Debt Securities Assets
Debt Securities Liabilities
Derivative investment openness index (1=fully liberalized)
Direct Investment In Country
Direct investment liquidation openness index (1=fully liberalized)
Direct investment openness index (1=fully liberalized)
Equity openness index (1=fully liberalized)
Extensive Margin
External Debt, Official Debt, Debtor Based (% of GDP)
Fiscal Council Indicator
Fiscal Rule Indicator
General Government Debt
General government net lending/borrowing
Government Debt (% of GDP)
Government expenditure, percent of GDP
Government primary balance, percent of GDP
Government Revenue, Excluding Grants (% of GDP)
Gross debt position
Guarantee openness index (1=fully liberalized)
Intensive Margin
Interest paid on public debt, percent of GDP
Net debt
Overall Fiscal Balance, Excluding Grants (% of GDP)
Overall Fiscal Balance, Including Grants (% of GDP)
Overall Openness Index (all asset categories)
Primary net lending/borrowing (also referred as primary balance)
Real long term government bond yield, percent
Credit Rating
Government Budget
Government Budget Value
Fiscal Expenditure
Government Debt
Asylum Applications
Gross Debt to GDP
Treasury Cash Balance
Interest Payments on Government Debt